Wellness: The Next Level



The Next Level


Lately, I believe that wellness will save me.

Health and well-being will be the hallmark of a better existence.

Life will be smoother; I will cope more efficiently.

My resilience will increase, along with my capacity to manage stress.

I will be more productive, of course.


Illness will not get me. Because illness, is the other side of wellness.

So, my coin will always land on the wellness side.


At one time, it seemed that rejuvenation was the goal. Recently, it seems that the crazier

the world gets, the more wellness needs to be pursued as a prophylactic measure.

Is this prescience or just a distraction? I’m not certain.

The pervasive feeling is that a warrior self needs to be cultivated. For what war, I cannot say.

This warrior self needs to be prepared. This warrior self needs to be in tip-top shape. This warrior self needs to know what to do under any circumstances.

Wherever this sentiment is coming from, it has taken root in me in a new way. The interest I’ve had in wellness in the past has morphed. Now it has a purpose.

Faced with new fears, calamitous climate, terrorist threats, preparedness equals survival.

Lately, I’m seeing more heroines in books and films who are asked to outperform themselves. They do not sit by passively—they are not standing by waiting for someone else to take control.

If we are bearing witness to a fundamental change—a change in the way women feel in the face of uncertainty (Was it ever safe to rely on the strength of a man?) is yet to be determined.

Is this “next level” wellness the only viable response to all that we are being asked to accept or resist?








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